Based in the very heart of Milano Design District, HERE is the Ideal Community for creative souls interested in design that wish to span their knowledge and experience getting in touch with the international business theatre. We offer a journey from Milan to Hong Kong, and back.

The idea came up doing business in Hong Kong, where part of our team is still living nowadays:  Asian Design Players are very curious about fashion design world and culture in Milan, while Italian Design Players would like to know more about professional development of their field in Asia. Why not help them connect?

Hong Kong and Milan share the same determination to develop business and an international thirst to deepen knowledge in order to share experience. Also their skyline looks alike: try and compare the line of Hong Kong skyscrapers with the pinnacles of Milan Duomo Church!

In HERE we mix Italian soul to Asian energy to create and share countless opportunities.

“HERE has my business vision: connecting people”

Dr. William Lo, JP – Business Mentor

We believe in connection as the first tool to boost business; that’s the reason why we also offer spaces to meet, work, show and talk. We host events and talks on topics related to the business world between Asia and Europe (click here to know more about what happens during our Afterwork Talks&Wine); and we are implementing an online community to make our dream of seamless connection become fast, smart and efficient.

If you wish to learn more or just have a chat sipping coffee, come and visit us in Via Tortona 33, 5/F, or send us an email:

Our team is ready to create connections!

HERE and now, it’s time to start!