The coronavirus outbreak brought more that an economic crisis. For the Chinese it is already a social and psychological issue. Due the current scenario, brands that are willing to face its consequences must consider the fear experienced by these consumers. Their sentiment will represent a turning point for the fashion industry and its communication.

Sustainability, global warming and climate change are not at all new subjects. But especially after the coronavirus outbreak, Chinese are taking the discussion about eco-consciousness to another level. According to data from WeChat, the searches for “reverence nature”, “wildlife” and “conscious consumption” skyrocketed at January 20, right after the outbreak became a public sanitary emergency.

Last week, China announced a ban on trade and consumption of wild animals. An ancient tradition that scientists define as the starting point for the virus transmission. The measure may represent the beggining of a major change. It highlights worries about the effects of human’s extreme interventions in nature.

Despite the uncertainty of the future, brands will need to be increasingly attentive to the consumers sensibility and their require for sustainability. Otherwise it will be much more difficult to build a trusting relationship with the audience and to well communicate with them in a post-coronavirus world. But how to do so? Try to work on a brand image made of values that matter for your target. Use storytelling to spread your eco-consciousness and do not forget to be sensible and positive.