Increase your audience’s attention with Inbound Marketing

Increase your audience’s attention with Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a set of strategies with the aim to attract and convert customers without going after them. The point is exploring channels such as search engines, blogs and social networks to be found. The math is simple: a website without visits does not generate leads. Without leads, there is no sales and, as a result, the strategy fails.

But instead of looking for people who might be interested in your business/products by interrupting he’s flow of activity, try to earn his attention organically. That way, you can attract a much more engaged audience and prone to consume your product. After all, they were interested in the subject and made the first move to google it.

Attracting the audience is the first part of the Inbound Marketing funnel. This stage crucial for the success of the entire strategy. To succeed in your Inbound Marketing strategy, you should define the customer journey, as well as at least one persona for your business. Then, you can start planning the best content according to your project.

How to attract audience’s attention with Inbound Marketing?

  1. Blog
    Using a website as a marketing tool is not about publishing random texts on the subject, it requires planning. A great blog produces quality content based on your target audience and the steps of the customer journey they might be. The interesting thing about blogging is generating leads through collateral issues of your core business. For example, if you sell make up, talking about skincare could be nice opportunity to convert customers.
  2. SEO
    SEO is an organic process to optimize website’s content and structure in order to receive great placements on the search engine results pages. Optimizing your website’s content for SEO helps Google’s web crawling technology to identify and index your page content. Therefore, it manages to have a greater reach and appears free to people who search something related to the subject you posted. SEO is a critical part of your inbound marketing strategy, because if the audience cannot find you, they won’t get to know your business.
  3. Social Media
    One in three people uses a social media network. These channels are essential for any company that wants to increase the brand awareness. Here, the goal is to create an increasingly close and personal relationship with your audience. Social networks allow an almost immediate interaction and engagement. From these channels you can also identify the profile and interest of most users. This is fundamental to the Inbound Marketing strategy, since interactions with your audience can be done according to their interest.
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