We have an exciting piece of news to share with you! Do It-Ideas Into Things has decided to change its name to Here Create.

Although they started as Do It- Ideas Into Things, their decision to rebrand stems from their desire to create a brand that is more reflective of the things they are passionate about. Here Create consists of a professional team, specialising in creating personalised and customised designs. Their experienced team members are experienced in the various stages from design to production.

They are also committed to the satisfaction of their designers and talents as much as they are committed to customer satisfaction. It is important to them that their designers are able to exercise their artistic license, and grow as a designer while simultaneously growing their careers. They offer a large range of flexibility and control to their designers, because they believe that this is the only way to cultivate a greater sense of originality and innovation. Hence, Here Create not only captures their sense of effectiveness, but also the notion of creative freedom that they encourage.

Here Create is also more reflective of the synergies and cohesion between Here Create and Here Connecting Creativity. Despite being separate corporate entities, Here Create and Here Connecting Creativity are intimately linked by various factors, and this connection could not be fully represented by Do It’s branding:

Here Connecting Creativity benefits from Create’s knowledge of and connections to the Asia market, allowing individuals and companies who wish to expand into the Asian market, or to solidify their standing in the market. In turn, Create also capitalises on Here Connecting Creativity’s community and foundation in Italy, allowing efforts of cross-cultural collaboration.

Rest assured, the name change will not result in any changes in operations or services. They are glad to continue to serve you as Here Create, and we are excited to see where the future leads us!