How can an emerging brand use major fashion events to increase brand awareness?

How can an emerging brand use major fashion events to increase brand awareness?

At a time when the market competition is increasingly fierce, a product by itself, even a high quality one, is not enough to guarantee a relevant market positioning for the company. We all know that brands must tell consumers a story, with all the necessary elements, from the narrative to imagery. If you want to efficiently position your brand, you need to stick to the consumers mind and engage them on the emotional level. And to do so, you need to decide which emotion you want to communicate your brand with. It can be either a positive emotion such as joy, freedom, love… Or a negative one like worry and anxiety, to which the brand provides a solution.

But if you are an emerging designer, you must be thinking “how can I find the space to position my brand in a market dominated by big luxury brands?” Well, you need to attract the attention of the audience to start telling your story in the first place. Always remember that “out of sight, out of mind”. Emerging designers must grab the opportunities to be seen, to create network in the fashion field, to be commented… in short, they need to make a buzz.

Milan, for example, is one of the four largest fashion capitals in the world. Every year, thousands of fashion professionals come here to discover new brands and talented designers, especially during the fashion weeks. That is why you should not think about major fashion events as something disconnected from your reality. Besides creating a showcase for your brand, they represent a great opportunity for small brands and emerging designers to start building a network in the fashion field. Once you got the attention you can think about spreading your story and values.

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