New Trends: CoWorking

New Trends: CoWorking

“The office today is a social gathering place. It is not where the work of the organization is done. The real office is where we want to engage our brain”

Bob Buckman, CEO and owner Buckman laboratories
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About Coworking Spaces – Much more than a new trend

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            New digitalized, improved technology brings along strengths and weaknesses. It has for sure reshaped the way we work, talk and connect; which is why the office space is changing, closer to a virtual dimension than it was before.

            The old idea of a still, unique office is shifting to different concepts of work spaces, often shared and temporary, likely distributed in different cities following business and Customer requirements. Typically, commercial spaces are leased out for long-term periods and need huge amount of security deposits and setting up costs upfront. They also come with lock-in periods.

            According to the research “Italian Coworking Survey 2018”, in Italy there are more than 500 coworking spaces. The biggest part of them are located in the North (Veneto, Lombardia and Emilia-Romagna).

Coworking Space in HERE

            Coworking spaces meet a specific and modern request of flexibility providing tailored and furnished spaces for business. They try to address the immediate needs of their Customers. For instance, if a company organizes a meeting only once a month in a city, or has very few employees in a place, or wants to employ some people only for a few months or weeks, it no longer needs to get into a long-term lease for short-term needs. Moreover, the service of virtual office, also provided by coworking spaces, is ideal for freelancers or entrepreneurs who spend most of their time travelling. It gives the convenience of a registered office address, where people can get their mail delivered and occasionally work from.

            But more than this, coworking spaces offer the opportunities to meet new professionals and create synergies. Latest trends are about themed coworking spaces, that prefer to provide business spaces with more personality than a standard, boring white wall with a desk. Specifically, these spaces try to group a community of people that share same interests and is likely to participate to themed events boosted by the coworking community itself.

            It is in this kind of environments that the word “sharing” and “communication” can find their true definition and mission.

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    Coworking is the best place to work for me! I am so happy that this trend becomes more and more popular around the world and especially in my country – Italy

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    So interesting!

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    Very interesting!

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