Best Italian fashion brands celebrating Chinese New Year

Best Italian fashion brands celebrating Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, otherwise known as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is just around the corner! This year it falls on 25th January and, according to the Chinese zodiac which features a 12-year cycle with each year represented by a specific animal, it will be the Year of the Rat ( 鼠 Shǔ), a rodent able to protect and bring prosperity.

One major tradition during Chinese New Year is to buy new clothing. As the Chinese idiom goes, “out with the old, in with the new” (送舊迎新 Sòng jiù yíngxīn), the new year is a time to clothe yourself in newly purchased items, as a belief that it will wash away the bad luck and bring in new possibilities. This period of the year is an unmissable moment for luxury brands to court Chinese customers, so they launch limited-edition collections, usually using Chinese Zodiac symbols, and Italian fashion brands are not outdone. Below some examples of the best campaigns:

  • Gucci:

Gucci opted for a collaboration with the most famous mouse in the universe: Mickey Mouse! The collection, includes women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, handbags and other accessories that combine images of Mickey with Gucci’s heritage logo.

  • Moschino:

Moschino took inspiration from Mickey Rat, Mickey Mouse parodied cartoon. The creative director created a collection of women’s and men’s pieces, such as graphic T-shirts, varsity jackets, sneakers, backpacks and phone cases with Mickey Rat.

  • Etro:

Etro, with a partnership with Warner Bros, homages the Lunar New Year basing its collection on the mouse Jerry. The collection has unisex pieces including dress shirts, sweaters, bags and scarves featuring images of the cartoon mouse over the brand’s well-known paisley print.

  •    Alberta Ferretti:

Alberta Ferretti’s Chinese New Year capsule collection is dedicated to the famous Italian puppet Topo Gigio. Four pieces have been designed to celebrate the event: a sweatshirt, a T-shirt, a keyring and a shoulder bag (available in red and black).

  • Fendi:

For Fendi, Chinese New Year sees a number of signature designs in shades of pink, red and glitter but it wouldn’t be Chinese New Year without something zodiac-themed so it gives its take with a twee mouse mascot, who crouches at the corner of a crossbody bag.

As a symbol of good fortune, various promotions and sales are carried out during festivities. It’s no surprise that the Chinese New Year is the time of the year where spending reaches a new high (in 2019 it was $10050 RMB. Moreover, Taobao’s report shows that those born in the 80s were the biggest consumers (33%), followed by those born in the 90s (27%), and then those born in the 70s (20%).

And you, what you will buy during Chinese New Year?

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